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TAMK University of Applied Sciences

Campus TAMK

TAMK University of Applied Sciences is an internationally-oriented multi-disciplinary university offering higher education in:
• Art and Media
• Business
• Engineering / Technology
• Forestry

TAMK offers 16 Bachelor's degree programmes, of which the Bachelor's Programmes in Environmental Engineering, International Business and Media are fully taught in English. TAMK also offers 7 Master's degree programmes, of which the Master's Programme in Information Technology is taught in English. Additionally, there are some short non-degree programmes lasting one or two semesters, as well as joint and double degree programmes which are taught in English.

TAMK provides internationally competitive higher education to meet the needs of business life, society and each individual student. Besides providing education leading to Bachelor's and Master's degrees, TAMK carries out applied research and development, and offers continuing education and business services. There is a Teacher Education Centre at TAMK as well. TAMK actively participates in regional co-operation and development in its own areas of expertise.